Self Portrait as a Planet, O positive, 2005
40x40 inches, edition of 3
Archival chromgenic print




"My work deals with the relationship of each unique moment, quiet observation, perception, and the universal interpretation of the human experience. Fire, blood, starlight, dreaming, the movement of celestial bodies, the finite edge of continents and the vastness of the earth’s oceans are some of the subject matter I use to explore these relationships"


born          1957, Patuxent River, Maryland

resides       Los Angeles, California, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

education   University of California at Santa Barbara, Painting and Sculpture

              Orange Coast College, Photography, Newport, California

selected solo exhibitions

2007   The Pilgrim Suite and Siren, Museum of the Southwest, Texas

2005  One Hundred Days, Bloom, Sag Harbor, New York

1998    Heavenly Light: Gates of Heaven and The Shiva Portfolio, Ricco/Maresca, Gallery, New York, New York

1999   Gates of Heaven - Silent Fire, Tatar Alexander Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1997    Angels and Oracles, van de Griff/Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1995    The Shiva Portfolio,  Foote Cone Belding Gallery, San Francisco, California

1987    El Camino College, Los Angeles, California

selected group exhibitions

      2005   Sylvester and Co. 2,  Amagansset, NY

      2003   All Thats Red,  Bergdorf Goodman, New York , NY

      2002    Translations/Transgression, University of Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island

2001    Eccentric Photography, Islip Museum, East Islip, New York curated by Karen Shaw

1999    One Life's Work: The Hand, The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada curated by Mark Mayer

            This is Not a Photograph, Pace University Gallery, Pleasantville, New York curated by Roger Sayre

            Phenomena: The Poetics of Space, The Friends of Photography - The Ansel Adams Center for

            Photography, San Francisco, California

1998    Tatar Alexander Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1997    Exploding into Light, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York, New York

1996    van de Griff/Marr Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1994    American Diamonds, New York, New York

1987    New Works with Polaroid, Photokina, Germany

1982    Mail Art: The Art of Words, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibit, Los Angeles, California

selected bibliography

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Scott Morgan was born in Patuexent River Maryland in 1957. He studied painting, sculpture, photography and literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara on a scholarship for art and writing.  He was deeply influenced by the California Light and Space school, the photographs of Minor White and Duane Michals and the paintings of Ad Reinhardt and Agnes Martin. He later traveled extensively throughout Europe, studying the great master painters of the renaissance and working as an assistant for a number of well-known fashion photographers .

At the same time he went deeply into his own art practice moving past the borders of image based photography with the Shiva portfolio in 1998, Earth Sutras 1998 and subsequently the Gates of Heaven series in 2000. 

He later transitioned into a more conceptually based practice with For the Love Of,  in 2002, a large installation exploring blood, faith and cosmological influence and One Hundred Days, 2004. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 Scott produced a number of significant works in a more global framework, projects on the edge of the great oceans, such as The Pilgrim Suite, and moving into video projects such as Siren, and The Center of the World.

He currently resides in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia. His works continue to weave the deeply human experience, nature and a rich spiritual context. New works such as Cathedral, While You were Sleeping, and the new video installation and print series, The Stations, 2015 continue that focus.